Feckenmeyer’s Mailbox

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Dick Stranger didn’t intend to become a detective, but the local police department failed to follow up on a case dear to his heart.

Retired from the local college, Dick runs a book store combined with a coffee shop and liquor store.  Plus a small used car lot on the side.  If that isn’t enough, now Dick has his hands full with curious events.

The reluctant detective in small town Woodstock, Wisconsin takes on a routine investigation but is faced with a hijacked wine shipment, a fireworks store with suspicious merchandise, a farm with dubious crops, and a questionable police chief.

Plus, a few unnamed individuals seem to want Dick to mind his own business.  On top of it all, the manager of his book store may have other plans for Dick.  As the story unfolds, friends and business associates team up with Dick Stranger to uncover the bad guys.

Dick and his trusty Cairn Terrier take it all on in Feckenmeyer’s Mailbox, first in the Dick Stranger crime series.