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This review is from: R. B. Carels.  Feckenmeyer’s Mailbox (The Dick Stranger Crime Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
In small town Wisconsin for this one, a humorous light hearted mystery centered around a self-made store, bar, used car dealer and private investigator among other pursuits. When he is approached by one of the ladies of the town to investigate her husbands activities he uncovers a number of nefarious goings on in town. Drug running, pot growing, a dirty sheriff, Chicago mobs and a Mexican stolen car ring to name a few. He and his friends and employees at his various enterprises set out to turn the tables on all these operations as they work to find evidence to turn over to the authorities. A fun read full of characters and a feisty little dog.


This review is from: S. C. Kohl.  Feckenmeyer’s Mailbox: A Dick Stranger Crime Novel (First in the Dick Stranger Series) 

What a fun and fabulous book! The characters really come to life through the author’s very visual descriptions. His words paint the characters and you can see the town and all of the locations. The plot keeps you guessing as it winds around and you wonder where and who is involved for the good or bad. Truly an entertaining read. I could not put it down and read it in two days. Sad to see it end and can’t wait for the next in the series! Hurry up!

This review is from customer M.A.:  Five Stars

A good mystery with the traditional english mystery set in a wisconsin small town, local color and characters and quite probable situations. Gets the chicago familia exils!

A good combo of regional small town book store classic cars and a service dog cairn terrier….humor and done without potty mouth and grafic physical funtions description. Readers do have an imagination. M.A. from sparta, wi.

This review is from: J. Metzger.  Feckenmeyer’s Mailbox (The Dick Stranger Crime Series)

Life is never as simple as it seems in Woodstock. Could those rumours be true, that Boris would sell alcohol and explosives, 2 for 1? Venture into this well written story. Wallow in the luxury of antique automobiles and crafty sales people who sideline as piano players at night, and private detectives when the sun rises. This is very descriptive writing with excellent characterization.

This review is from:  J. MacLeod.  Feckenmeyer’s Mailbox (The Dick Stranger Crime Series)

I started this book and finished it within 24 hours…simply couldn’t stop reading! Was drawn by the title and the description, and this book really delivered: great characters, lively conversations, and excellent story line. Looking forward to the rest of the series. I am already a huge fan!

This review is from: Carroll Colby.  Feckenmeyer’s Mailbox (The Dick Stranger Crime Series) 

Will attract faithful followers to Wisconsin

Feckenmeyer’s Mailbox sneaks up on you. T.E. Vernier’s first in what he describes as the Dick Stranger series will attract faithful followers to Wisconsin just as James Lee Burke and Dave Robicheaux have to the Louisiana bayou. I loved the character entanglement and its unraveling as the mystery, the crime, and the various accomplices are sorted out. We will be hearing much more from T.E. Vernier.

This review is from: L. Potter.  Feckenmeyer’s Mailbox (The Dick Stranger Crime Series) 

Great first offering in what I hope to be a long-lived series of books! Dick Stranger has an intriguing existence that begs more telling.

This review is from:  Rosalie.  Feckenmeyer’s Mailbox (The Dick Stranger Crime Series Book 1) 
Full of Mirth and Mystery
My favorite character was Jung the terrier.His delight in all the smells was endearing. The range of criminal activity along with Dick Stranger’s detecting added to my enjoyment.


From other sources….

I just finished this book and enjoyed the multiple story lines. Well done Tim!….S.H., Tomah, WI

Enjoyed your book and look forward to the next….at 86 years, I’ve read a great many books…your mystery had a nice genre combo: books, here, small town, ridges and coulees, amish, cranberries, and a dog….M.A.B., Sparta, WI

I am half way into the book and enjoying the characters…L.M., Bradenton, FL

“Life’s a Blast” – the “reading copy” has arrived and I’m having fun…M.V., New York, NY

I am now reading Grisham’s latest book. “The Racketeer.” I swear you could have written the first 4 chapters. Oh, my…K.C., Necedah, WI

G. has finished the book and loved it – I will be next!!…J.L., Waukesha, WI

Love it!…C.V., Elroy, WI

Reading the book now and enjoying it a lot!!…J.K.S., VA

A fun and FINE yarn, it was…K.C., Necedah, WI

I love this author!…M.T., Tomah, WI

Really enjoying it… Great characters, involved story (still wondering where it all leads), interesting insights into small town Wisconsin and cars!…G.L., Waukesha, WI

Am loving the book! Way too much fun! I can’t put it down!!! “Who done it” or better yet “what have they done?”!!!   Inquiring minds want to know . . Enjoyed the  . . .  book!  Five stars!…S.K., Eureka, MO

Really good . . . book. I’m on page 172 after one day….R.D., Coupeville, WA

I love this cover!  Especially the mailbox hidden in the tall grass…K.H., Danville, VT

Finished the book – so enjoyed it….now the wait is on for the next series installment!! Ciao!!…T.H., Fennville, MI

I love the book!….A.H., Madison, WI

I just finished Feckenmeyer’s Mailbox. Spent most of the day reading it because I couldn’t put it down! It’s just wonderful, and now I’ll be impatient for the next one. I am a huge fan . . . J.P.M., IL