Lightning’s Landing

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A boat crashes on the rocks, and Dick Stranger takes on what looks like a routine investigation.  But why does the train stop near Lightning’s Landing before crossing the river where the boat crash occurred?  And why are bales of moss in the river? 

Suddenly, two suspicious deaths, missing shipments of sphagnum moss, and dodgy activities at Tuffy Birdsong’s Woodstock Auto Body take Dick Stranger’s Truth Is Strange Investigations team further afield. 

Add in mysterious goings-on between Extreme Catbox, a local sand mine, and Sandford Marsh’s nearby cranberry marsh, and it all spells intrigue for small-town Woodstock, Wisconsin. 

As usual, it is all about local color in T. E. Vernier’s Dick Stranger series.  Boris and Trixie are back with a new business, Shiraz By Shiraz, Lance & Leo have a new club in The Hotel Woodstock, and the Pastor Of The Pines Free Church has relocated near Roadie’s roadhouseFederal agents Cody Doane and Will Byrne return, along with Officer P. Justus, Otis, Jack, Marian, Anna, Melissa, Boris & Trixie, and more.         

Dick Stranger and his trusty sidekick Jung the Cairn terrier are at it again in Lightning’s Landing, second in the Dick Stranger Crime Novel Series.