Cast of Characters — Lightning’s Landing

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Lightning’s Landing Dramatis Personae 12 pt.

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Cast of Characters – Lightning’s Landing

  • Richard “Dick” Stranger Private Detective, owner of:
         A Stranger Place
         Truth is Strange Investigations
         Stranger Than Fiction
         The Library
         The Liquid Muse
         Strangere Vineyard and Winery
         Miracle Motors (Co-owner)
         English Professor Emeritus, Woodstock College.
  • Antonina Stranger Dick Stranger’s late Wife.
  • Jung Dick Stranger’s Dog, a Cairn Terrier.
  • Katherine “Kate” Kaul Manages Stranger Than Fiction.
  • Ludwig “Jack” Bluhm Dick’s investigation assistant; Kate’s Rare Book Buyer for The Library.
  • Kenny “Sage” Wisdom Manages The Library. Married to Pearl.
  • Pearl White Wisdom Manages The Liquid Muse. Married to Kenny.
  • Otis Graves Co-Owner of Miracle Motors, and Chief Mechanic.
  • Marian Horton Head Librarian at City of Woodstock Library.
  • Jean Paradise Office Manager, Stranger properties. Married to Giorgio Danto.
  • Giorgio Danto Customer Service at Stranger Than Fiction.
  • Boris Shiraz Real Estate Developer. Owns Life’s A Blast, Shiraz By Shiraz Winery, and farms. Married to Trixie.
  • Patricia “Trixie” Shiraz Married to Boris. Investor. Co-Owner, Operator Shiraz By Shiraz Winery
  • Melissa Schwartz Co-Owns Melanna Yoga.
  • Anna Lundstrom Co-Owns Melanna Yoga.
  • Ofc. Paul Justus Woodstock City Police Officer / Captain.
  • Wayne Nelson Manages Boris Shiraz’s Farm.
  • Giovanni Corazzini Antonina Stranger’s older cousin. Realtor, Notary, and Olive Oil magnate. Connected with Swiss-Italian Banc Internationale.
  • Lance Rembrandt History Professor at the College. Antique aficionado, Co-Owner of Hotel Woodstock.
  • Leo Chartres Economics Professor at the College. Antique aficionado, Co-Owner of Hotel Woodstock.
  • Josie Front Desk Clerk at Hotel Woodstock.
  • Cody Doane DEA Agent.
  • Will Byrne ATFE Agent.
  • Philo Steinman“Freddie / P. Freddie” Feinberg CEO, Magnum Sphagnum moss company
  • Flo Receptionist, Magnum Sphagnum moss company.
  • Pendleton “Woody” “Beef” Wellington Trixie Shiraz’s father
  • Sheffield “Duke” Wellington Trixie Shiraz’s uncle
  • Increase F. “Tuffy” Birdsong Proprietor Woodstock Auto Body & Used Cars
  • Terri Moody Receptionist at Woodstock Auto Body, formerly Sales Clerk at Life’s A Blast, formerly Sales Clerk at Stranger Than Fiction
  • Tresmond “Red” Peacock Body repair technician, Woodstock Auto Body
  • Sandford Marsh Cranberry marsh manager
  • Louis “Lightning” Tornado, f/k/a Louis Casadini, Proprietor, Lightning’s Landing
  • Jimmy Assistant, Lighting’s Landing
  • Larry “Lefty” Lawson, f/k/a Lazzaro “Lefty” Lucano Chief of Police, Woodstock, WI
  • Officer Blackhawk Wingtip, “Captain Blackie” Officer, adjacent County; fishing guide
  • Csaba Chalfa, f/k/a Csaba Csesznecky, Former Sheriff, adjacent County
  • Bubba Chalfa Csaba’s son
  • Cosimo “Pietro” Rizzitello Operator, itinerant blacktop sealing crew
  • Carmelo “Joey” Sangiovese Italian guest worker, Woodstock Lumber yardman
  • Hilda “Hands” Hansen Physical Therapist, Co-owner, The Muscle Movers
  • Carl Proprietor, Carl’s Used Auto Parts / Towing.
  • Bobby Assistant, Carl’s Used Auto Parts / Towing.